Aid-Station Tips

Following are some aid-station tips for marathon day. The aid-stations will be located at various points during your race and will likely consist of a large table full of refreshments and volunteers handing them out.

Plan ahead: Before you even reach the starting line, you should know where the first aid-station will be and how far apart each station will be located. Plan ahead to determine how often and how much you will consume from each station. Check the race website for aid-station details.

• As you approach the stand, slow down a bit and make eye contact with a volunteer so they will know you are coming to them. They may ask “sports drink or water?” so be ready to state which one you want. ALWAYS thank them!!

• Gently squeeze the top of the cup to allow you to drink more and spill less.

• If you are consuming energy gel during the run, it is a good idea to get one down just before reaching an aid-station so you can easily wash it down with fluid and avoid having to do both at the same time.

• Dispose of your cup(s) by tossing it into a designated trash can. Also, be aware that sometimes cups my end up on the road around the station so be sure to pay attention to avoid a slip.

• Always keep moving forward. Never make a sudden stop to turn around or else you may run into another runner coming up behind you.

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