Running Safety Tips

Running safety tips are pretty much common sense steps to being safe. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

Identification: Always carry or wear identification in the event of an emergency. Should you be unconscious, you will want your rescuers to know who you are and how to reach your emergency contact(s). Also include your blood type.

Headphones: While you may enjoy listening to music while you run, headphones can be quite dangerous since they limit your ability to hear what is going on in your surroundings. For instance, if you are blaring music into your ears, you might not hear the squealing tires closing in on you or someone coming up behind you. Don’t wear headphones.

Run facing traffic: If running alongside a road, always run facing traffic so you can see oncoming vehicles in the lane closest to you.

Plan your routes: Always know your route and be familiar with the territory. If you are planning to run down a long stretch of road, go for a drive first and make sure there is plenty of room on the shoulder or sidewalk for you to run safely.

Let your friends/spouse know your route: If you are going out for a run, let your spouse, roommate, or friends know where you will be running and roughly what time you expect to be home. That way, should something happen to you, someone will know to look for you if you are late and know where to look.

Be safe at night: Always run in lighted areas when running at night. It is generally safer to run with a partner when running at night. Wear bright, reflective clothing so drivers of vehicles can easily see you.

Stay aware: Always be observant and aware of your surroundings.

Wear sunscreen: Increased exposure to the sun increases the risk of skin cancer. Always wear sunscreen when running in the sun.

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