Half Marathon Rookie:
How to Train for a
Half Marathon
...and have fun doing it!

eBook (PDF)

Think this website is great? What until you read this eBook! The website only teaches you the physical part of training. The eBook teaches you the other 75% of training: The Mental Side. No matter how fit (or unfit) you are, the mental side will not only help you to finish your first half marathon, but will help you have fun doing it..and help in every other facet of your life. And it’s even backed by a money-back guarantee.

Half Marathon Rookie: How to Train for a Half Marathon...and have fun doing it! is your proven guide. This fun-to-read eBook will teach you everything you need to know about successful half marathon training and preparation for the big day. You will feel inspired, gain the need-to-know knowledge, and create the mindset of an unstoppable runner.

You will create a vision for yourself that you will bring into reality on half marathon day. Can you really run a 13.1-mile half marathon? You can if you want to, you know why you want to, and you prepare mentally, physically, and nutritionally. Learning how to train for a half marathon should be fun.

The eBook includes two sections:

Section I

8 Week Pre-Training schedule

10 Week Training Program

• How to select a half marathon course

• What to wear on half marathon day

• What your supporters should wear on half marathon day

• What you should eat and drink on half marathon day

Half Marathon Training

• The power of Self-Talk

• How to avoid “gutting it out”

• The importance of Pre-Training

• How to avoid injury

• How to recognize symptoms of injury

• How to treat an injury

• How much you should consume during long runs

• How much you fluid you should consume each day

• How the scale will keep you hydrated

• How much fluid to consume after a run

• The best fluids to consume and when

• How many calories you need each day

• The best carbohydrates to consume

• The best protein to consume

• The best stretches to improve flexibility

• The best time to stretch

• How long to stretch

• Injury prevention and how to avoid it

• How to recognize potential injury

• How to treat injury

• The importance of rest

• Proper running form

• How to conserve energy

• Heart Rate

• How to train smart and avoid overtraining

• How to use a heart rate monitor

• Running gear

• What to wear and when

• The benefits of weight lifting

• How and why to taper

• and everything else you need to know about how to train for a half marathon

Section II

Guides you week-by-week through the 10 week training schedule

• How you should feel at the current point in training

• Most important things to focus on in the current week

• Half marathon day preparation

• What to do after the half marathon

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