Marathon Rookie: How to Train for a Marathon ... and have fun doing it!

Marathon Rookie


The title says it all. Written by a former non-runner turned marathon runner, Marathon Rookie: How to Train for a Marathon...and have fun doing it! guides you through your first journey across the finish line – with a smile on your face.

Some of what’s included:

• Motivation & how to stay motivated every day
• Nutrition & Hydration
• The key fundamentals of training
• How to conserve energy
• Preventing injury
• Mental tips to overcoming obstacles during the long run
• and much more


• Includes a 24-week training program broken down into Pre-Training (8 weeks) & Training (16-weeks)
• Guides you week-by-week through the final 16 weeks leading you to marathon day

What people are saying…

“I am a marathon runner!!! I ran my first marathon a couple of weeks back after reading your guide to running a marathon. I really drew on the motivational parts during the run. When I got to around the 35 km mark, I was thankful to have the mental attitude to finish. The conditions were tough but I made it in 4 hrs 15. Thanks again for helping me through my first marathon.”

“I purchased the marathon ebook last winter and my husband and I finished our first marathon in San Diego this past weekend. We had the best time and felt very prepared in large part due to your book. Thanks so much!”

Marathon Training Journal

Marathon Rookie Training Journal

This handy training journal is for use with the 16-week marathon training program in the book Marathon Rookie. Use it to track your progress day-by-day, week-by-week, and to record notes about your big marathon day finish. Includes motivational or humorous quotes for each week of training.


Also available in eBook format so you can start reading in minutes:
Marathon Training Book - the eBook version

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