No Need for Snobbery

by Brad Boughman

Recently, I was asked what my opinion is on slow runners. More specifically, “are slow runners ruining the sport?”

For many, running is a highly competitive sport. For the majority, it is not.

Should someone not lift weights because others are stronger? Should someone not read a book because others read faster? Should the Detroit Lions not show up to their football games because the other teams are better? Should someone not run because other runners are faster?

Why would someone care if less speedy runners are finishing marathons? After all, the faster runner does not have to worry about the less speedy runners getting in their way or slowing them down since they would be behind the faster runner. Having more participants in marathons also creates a more lively atmosphere at events with more fan support for all runners. The only thing I can logically speculate is that with the growing number of people finishing marathons, some experienced marathoners may feel their accomplishments are diminished, in their own eyes or in the eyes of others.

Why put someone down who is trying to better themselves or achieve a lofty goal? The reality is there are snobby runners out there. The good thing is they represent a small minority of the running population. Just let them suffer in their snobbery and keep running!

So, for any less speedy runner out there who may be embarrassed by their lack of speed: You are the only one that matters and need not be concerned about the speed of others or feel insecure because others are faster. The only competition is yourself. Give it your personal best and you simply cannot lose.

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