Skin Protection for Runners

Skin protection for runners is commonly overlooked. When preparing to go for a run, we often neglect one of the most important details: Sunscreen. With increased sun exposure, runners naturally increase their risk of skin cancer, particularly if they are not protecting their skin. In addition, researchers speculate that changes in the immune system of marathon runners, due to intense training, may heighten the risk even more.

Be proactive to protect your healthy skin by applying sunscreen before every run in the sun. Sunscreen should be applied at least fifteen minutes before exposure to the sun and re-applied as directed on the label of the sunscreen. Make it a point to do this so that it becomes a habit. While your running goals are important, nothing is more important than your safety.

While it does not pose the danger of the sun, acne may appear when you begin to really pile on the miles each week. After cooling down from the workout, enjoy a nice relaxing shower or bath following each run to help prevent acne.

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