Mini Marathon Training

Mini marathon training schedules are designed to fit the goals of runners at all levels. Runners should select a program based on their goals for the mini marathon and their current level of fitness.

An active, experienced runner who has race experience may want to consider programs that include speed training. These types of programs are geared more towards runners who already have an established distance pace and look to improve their pace with a goal of finishing a mini marathon under a certain time (1 1/2 hours, for example).

However, first time mini marathoners commonly have little running experience to draw from. For many, the goal is simply to finish. After finishing a first mini marathon, one then has an established mini marathon pace and finish time. They can then set a realistic goal for the next half marathon and consider mini marathon training schedules targeting a specific finish time goal.

The following mini marathon training program is for first time mini marathoners with a goal to finish. As you train, expect to see your pace gradually increase and you improve your level of fitness. Keep a record, or journal, of your training runs so you can see your overall improvements as you progress through training. This program assumes you have been running regularly for at least four weeks and can run at least thirty minutes without stopping before beginning the program.

10-Week Mini Marathon Training Schedule
103Rest3Walk 2Rest13.1Rest21.1

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