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Jul 21, 2020


The importance and role of nutrition during marathon training. You need to store lots of glycogen so enjoy those carbohydrates! What to eat and when.

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Jul 20, 2020

Marathon Training for Beginners

General tips on marathon training for beginners.

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Sep 11, 2019

Marathon Directory

USA marathon directory

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Sep 10, 2019

Marathon Motivation

Simple advice on marathon and half marathon motivation. Be open-minded and try new things to always keep yourself motivated.

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Sep 10, 2019

Marathon for Charity

Fundraising ideas and a list of organizations if you would like to run a marathon for charity.

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Sep 09, 2019

Half marathon training schedules

Beginner mini-marathon or half marathon training schedules.

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Sep 06, 2019

Energy Gel

Consume energy gel to increase enjoyment and improve performance

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Sep 06, 2019

Carb Loading

Increase your glycogen storage by carb loading the week of the marathon.

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Sep 06, 2019

Beginning runner

General tips for the beginning runner and getting started.

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Sep 05, 2019

Running Articles

Various running articles on a number of marathon and half marathon related topics.

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Sep 05, 2019

Aid-station tips

Plan ahead with some aid-station tips for marathon day.

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Sep 04, 2019

Marathon Calendar

Marathon calendar of marathon and half marathon events in the United States.

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Jun 16, 2016

Running Shoe Store Directory

Specialty running shoe store directory. Find your local running store and make a visit to get fitted by an expert.

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Jan 02, 2016

Training Store

Marathon training books, half marathon training books, training journals, and visualization CDs!!

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Oct 17, 2013


How to avoid overtraining for a race.

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Apr 17, 2010

Sandhills Marathon

Sandhills Marathon

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Jan 03, 2010

Inspirational Marathon Stories

Great stories written and submitted by visitors to give you added marathon inspiration. Feel free to submit your own story to share with others or to help promote your charity.

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Apr 18, 2008

Marathon Inspiration

Great stories written and sumitted by visitors to give you added marathon inspiration. Feel free to submit your own story to share with others or to help promote your charity.

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Dec 21, 2006

Kids Running

Get your family involved and the kids running too while you train for a marathon.

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Dec 21, 2006

Running with Music

Running with your head!

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Dec 21, 2006

Winter Running

Those cold winter running days

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Dec 21, 2006

Marathon Day Support

How to maximize your marathon day support.

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Dec 21, 2006

What Motivates a Runner

What motivates a runner to run?

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Dec 21, 2006

Regrouping from Missed Training Runs

Regrouping from missed training runs to finish a marathon.

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Dec 21, 2006

Making Progress in Training

Making progress in training for a marathon

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Dec 21, 2006

No Need for Snobbery

Marathon Training Article: No Need for Snobbery

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Dec 19, 2006

Commentary: No Need for Snobbery

Recently, I was asked what my opinion is on slow runners. More specifically, “are slow runners ruining the sport?”

For many, running is a highly competitive sport. For the majority, it is not.

Should someone not lift weights because others are stronger? Should someone not read a book because others read faster? Should the Detroit Lions not show up to their football games because the other teams are better? Should some not run because other runners are faster?

Why would someone care if less speedy runners are finishing marathons? After all, the faster runner does not have to worry about the less speedy runners getting in their way or slowing them down since they would be behind the faster runner. Having more participants in marathons also creates a more lively atmosphere at events with more fan support for all runners. The only thing I can logically speculate is that with the growing number of people finishing marathons, some experienced marathoners may feel their accomplishments are diminished, in their own eyes or in the eyes of others.

Why put someone down one who is trying to better themselves or achieve a lofty goal? The reality is there are snobby runners out there. The good thing is they represent a small minority of the running population. Just let them suffer in their snobbery and keep running!

So, for any less speedy runner out there who may be embarrassed by their lack of speed: You are the only one that matters and need not be concerned about the speed of others or feel insecure because others are faster. The only competition is yourself. Give it your personal best and you simply cannot lose.

Dec 12, 2006

Skin Protection for Runners

Important tips on skin protection for runners and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

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Dec 08, 2006

Christmas Running Gifts

Top 3 Christmas running gifts for you and your loved ones.

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Nov 28, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about marathon training and running.

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